About Moi

Hi! I’m Gen. I’ve started this blog to basically reduce the verbal diarrhoea that out of my mouth. A place to divert that into writing. A place to put out the crazy, silly and sometimes useful thoughts and information.

I am married and a mum of 3 girls currently 7, 6 and 3. We live by the beach in Newcastle, Australia and I absolutely love this place. Was born and spent 25 years in Canberra, great place to grow up – but needed some beach life. So we moved. Oh, and have just got a new burmese kitten named Coco. Yes, original I know.

I love to eat savoury things, I love to drink good wine (and too much at times), and I love just searching the web and reading weird and wonderful things. I love trashy TV and magazines. I love photography so hopefully this will motivate me to get back into doing this, yes having kids side tracked that.

I love travelling – hopefully my adventures will help you to create your own.

And I love to shop. Internet shopping especially, and yes my husband’s not a fan. But our credit card company is!

Oh and I have terrible grammar and atrocious spelling (yes I had to spell check that). And I know people that will cringe at that. Who cares! Cringe away – if that’s what you’re worrying about – find a hobby.


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