Taking a trip down travel memory lane – Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Lately I’ve been contemplating my life, yes, life, and yes it’s corny and the rest of it. But I guess everyone at some stage goes through a moment in time we they have to do it. For me it’s the realisation that my three daughters will probably be all going to school next year. I will have 5 days (albeit short school hours) to myself. What will I do with myself? I find myself over the last year or so requiring a hobby or something but haven’t found anything yet. Recently I have booked my own holiday to Hawaii and after researching Vietnam, Whitsundays, Fiji, Cook Islands to within an inch of their lives (most probably for the 10th time in my life) I realised this is my passion, this is what gets my heart pumping and excited. Travel. So stay tuned as you just never know if I might be lifting my head back up into the old travel world.

So after all this thinking, I got reminiscing at the most wonderful holidays I have been fortunate to have. And next year marks my 10th wedding anniversary and almost as importantly, our honeymoon. I miss the Maldives every day! So here’s a little trip recall of the AMAZING Huvafen Fushi Resort by Per AQUUM.

Yes it may be 9 years since I’ve visited this resort, but I can remember every last detail like it was yesterday (pity I can’t remember my children’s names when I need to).

Huvafen Fushi is a resort on it’s own island in the Maldives. We flew via Singapore to Sri Lanka then onto Male the capital of the Maldives. We also flew home via Bangkok and Columbo (Sri Lanka) and stopped in each of those places, what a holiday!!!

I don’t think I wore shoes on any of the 7 sumptuous nights that we slumbered there. It’s bungalows (each individual) have their own plunge pool…. we had the run of the mill room, the beach bungalow, and it was amazing. There’s NOTHING run of the mill about anything on this island.

This is me having a swim in our plunge pool, in front is the bath, yep it’s an open air bathroom. Loo on one side to the left, amazing large shower on the right… but the spa bath next to the pool… dreamy. Everything you could want in a resort of such luxury. We were there just after the tsunami and every precaution was taking to make sure that our safely was paramount. Luckily this resort wasn’t damaged during that time, because of it’s location, it’s further west from the eastern hit islands.


There were 3/4 dining areas when we went there and that was more than enough. Looking at their website now, they have a few more options of dining which look amazing. It’s all about the destination, the island, and they have utilised every amazing inch of this island to create the perfect setting for each meal. Their buffet bbq’s are out of this world, not a bad meal in sight. Everything that could be brought in fresh, is, and you can tell. The food is of the highest standard.

They now have a 6,000 bottle cellar some 8 metres under the ocean. Vinum looks amazing, wish I could have experienced that, it’s a new addition. And with their laws stating no BYO, why not take advantage of this impressive selection.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.40.47 am

The most amazing part of this resort has to be the spa, Lime. Two of it’s treatment rooms are under water. I don’t think they had all their 8 rooms when we went there but they certainly had the under water rooms!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.12.07 pm


With prices starting from approx. US$800 plus tax per night, it’s not completely out of reach. I know when you package that up with flights, you’re going to be able to afford this dream holiday. Who says we can’t start saving and having the dream of our lives.


Anyway photos are always a little more exciting than my dribble… so sit back, pour some bubbles, and come on a little journey with my memory.


000_0001 View from our room…..


Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.35.36 am 3 bedroom CUBE, with own pool…(not our room – pic from website)…we can dream can’t we?


100_0975Infinity pool

100_0967The Bar – sorry terrible shot!


100_0962The Lair (library)

100_0927 This is what picked us up at the airport….yes I mean airport!!!

100_0924 Our rooms in there somewhere!


100_0918 Maldivian BBQ night – prawns were bigger than our hand and sooo tasty… we sat with our feet in the infinity pool.

100_0913 View from the over water bungalows back to island.

100_0906Feeding the sting rays

100_0938Going on our sunset cruise.

100_0937Waiting for the boat….

100_0936 Reception area…yes it really is!

100_0935Having a terrible time….

100_0934Complimentary poolside snacks.

100_0930 Plunging.

100_0929 Our bed on arrival.


Hopefully one day I can help you get there.




For more information on the amazing Huvafen Fushi Resort visit their website.





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