Pop Chef Review

It’s been a while between ‘drinks’ aka posts, lots going on in the little world that is mine at the moment, but that will all come later.

Thought I’d better not fall off the face of the earth and do a wee little review on some different things to bide my time until I can review another exciting holiday destination.


(I accidentally just wrote poop chef, that could have been interesting!)

My girls have been seeing ads for this little gizmo for weeks and weeks now so in the middle of Big W and in the midst of a mass tantrum, I gave in (like all good mothers!!! 😉 ) and bought one.

My theory was that Auds might actually eat some fruit if it was cut up all fancy! Short answer to that. Nope.

The contraption is fine, works well, easy to use. However if you don’t get a whole piece of fruit into the cutting shape then it doesn’t ‘pop’ out. There’s no wind behind it to push it out. Which actually becomes quite hard when you’re getting to the little bits of fruit on the sides that are left over. So there’s a lot of wastage. The kids don’t think the off cuts are pretty so they don’t want to eat them…. not that I mind eating them of course but I’d prefer to give the kids a whole slice of watermelon etc and they actually eat it like they normally would.

I have noticed it would be great for making shapes into icing, sandwiches, toast, the list is really endless, but if you’re anything like me and have a box full of cookie cutters anyway, do we really need another lot of cutters? Not really.

My thoughts? Give it a miss and stick with the cutters you probably already have at the bottom of that utensil draw that you never get around to cleaning out.



Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 12.12.53 pm


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