Sushi sushi sushi!

This is a message brought to you by… ME! It’s not sponsored by the makers of this gadget, it’s just a plug for a cute little product (and I do love my kitchen gadgets!!).

Regularly on a weekend my husbands buys a roast chook from our local shop (soo much better than woolies and coles).. and we have chicken and avocado sandwiches for lunch. Sometimes we get left over chicken and hating to throw out food so I love to come up with new ideas of what to do with it. In winter I make Monster soup with eyeballs (recipe to follow soon- basically chicken and spinach soup with corn for the eyeballs, and yes my kids eat it! Crazy I know).

The other is sushi. I’m such a fan of kitchen gadgets I saw this little Sushizi and had to get one. And it’s fantastic. You basically open up the roll looking machine – put in a bit of pre cooked sushi rice, create a little well to put the fillings in, the fill up (not too much!), then quickly close the two sides. It has a rod that you push it all down into shape inside, then open the end and squeeze it out onto your nori.

It sounds more complicated than it really is, and once you get the hang of it – it’s super easy to make shop ready looking sushi. And you know what’s in it. The kids LOVE it, and it’s super easy for them to make their own too. Love mine with a bit of pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi.

We put inside carrots, cucumber (the girls won’t eat it any other way), chicken, avocado… sometimes smoked salmon, beans…. anything really….

Tips – keep a cup of water near by to seal up the nori when you roll it over.

– Use a dry knife when cutting it into slices otherwise nori gets sticky and soft.

– Use wet hands when handling the sushi rice – stops it sticking to your hands and everything else.

– Be creative!! Awesome for lunch boxes and could well be done the night before. You can certainly do the rice the night before and roll out in the morning. Terrific for kids parties too.



Our creations last night


How it comes out of the machine…. 20131217-101110.jpg

Voila! Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Sushi sushi sushi!

  1. liz says:

    Hmmm…… you know my thoughts on this! Perhaps I should try it again…… The idea of my little chimps making their own sushi from scratch is very appealing…..

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