Monday monday….

After a particularly tiring week and whirlwind of a weekend, I felt I needed to have a Monday pick me up. And you know I’m a good sharer.


Here’s a few tips to boost your mood I found when hunting around on the net…..

1. Flick through some old photo albums (and it’s school hols here so do it with your kids!)

2. Clear up clutter – pick one room in the house and go for it.

3. Turn up the music – pick a track or album from your past that reminds you of something fun you’ve done in your past.

4. Have a dance party – I do this with my kids all the time – let them pic the music and jump around the house like a bunch of idiots. Love it.

5. Talk to a friend. Call them up, just say hi. Pick up the phone instead of social media or texting. Go old school and even write a letter and post it.

6. Facial time – make your own (plenty of recipes on the net), find one in your cupboard and plonk it on. Following some refreshing cucumber slices over the eyes…. even have a bath if you can. Or share it with the other kids in the family too.

7. Get you’re omega 3’s – salmon, fish oil – renown for being mood busters.

8. Have a cup of tea. Its always in the cupboard but I rarely drink it. Always makes me feel warm inside and calm.

9. Have a little chocolate – instant mood boost. A great one is Lindt 70% (or more).

10. Plan a holiday – doesn’t matter where to or when, just start doing the research and check out those awesome pics on the net of amazingly magical places!

11. And lastly……Hermes

I can always dream can’t I??

Wishing everyone a wonderfully happy and fun filled week!


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