Green Bandwagon

Here’s my morning tea! Yes I’ve jumped onto the green bandwagon that seems to be travelling past at the moment.

I’ve been reading a lot about Jess Ainscough on her blog and website The Wellness Warrior ( and have found her completely inspirational. I admire her dedication and strength when overcome with major adversity and basically her downright sensational ability to live such a healthy and clean life. I strongly recommend you go pay her a visit over there if you haven’t already.

I am hopeless at following any type of diet or ‘healthy lifestyle’ as they call it these days (I love my fermented grape juice too much) but I do try and incorporate as many elements from different places as I possibly can.

I’m an IBS sufferer (Dr diagnosed, not self – just to give it some street cred -but that’s a whole different post), so I am forever trying to do things to lesson my symptoms. I love veges and really loved the idea of just throwing them into a juicer and sculling them (I’m good at that!).  Initially I was just using a stick blender which wasn’t quite right – gag material in fact- so it was a slow start to this craze. But after putting something on Facebook, a girlfriend mentioned she had an old juicer she wasn’t using anymore so I gave it a new home and haven’t looked back. Most mornings I make myself a green juice.

Here’s what normally goes into it – sometimes everything, sometimes a few things, whatever is in the fridge and what needs to go out so I can make room for the groceries.

 * Kale – latest ‘super’ food out there. Tastes like crap any other way (I’ve tried to cook it) but put it in a juice and you don’t even know it’s there.

* Cucumber – refreshing

* Baby spinach

* Cos lettuce

* Knob of ginger (great for IBS sufferers)

* Carrot (so I can see in the dark as my 3 year old reminds me)

* Celery

The list is endless and I think Jess still has her free e-book with a few juicing recipes which will help you if you decide to turn to the green side. I highly recommend it.

I also have bought a Vitamix and make awesome green/purple/pink smoothies but again, I’ll leave that for a separate post.

Green Juice

Please ignore the messy kitchen in the back ground – and the fact that the juice is settling and needs a good stir (which I did before drinking). But please do admire the fact that I put it into my fav Riedel wine glass to drink it. Somehow makes it sooo much better.


Thanks to Terresa Cutter from The Healthy Chef for the pic.

Thanks to Terresa Cutter from The Healthy Chef for the pic.

Tip – if you’re keen on trying juicing but don’t want to fork out for a new one – mention it on FB or social media or even old school, like to people in person  – they might have one collecting dust they’re happy for you to have or give them a few $$ for. Or even ebay etc.

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