Birthday Parties

I’ve become a little obsessed with going OTT with my daughters birthday parties. I blame pinterest and my girlfriend that put my onto it. It’s costing my husband a pretty penny! Probably a good thing that all my daughters birthdays are at the beginning of the month so I can recover for the latter. Probably another good thing they’re all early in the year so that I don’t go all out for all three of them. Is that bad?

I’m hoping that as the girls get older they’ll want sleepovers and quieter birthdays rather than the whole class shebang that my Kindy daughter wanted. Audreys only 3 so she just had a little tea party with a few of our friends at home. Nice and simple.

Again playing on a new little app called Picture Collage Maker I decided to do a few little quick collages of their recent birthdays.

Audrey's 1st Bday and Christening Eliza's 5th Birthday Tea and Fondue Party Eliza's 6th Smurf Party zs 5th bday zs 6th bday party

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