Recipe – rollups with the Vitamix

I found a post from The Organised Housewife about making fruit leather or rollups. Thought what a great way to use my new Vitamix and pull out my dehydrator – here’s what I think might be an epic fail. But with strawberries 4 for $4.50 at the moment it’s all good!! Will see how we go. Meant to take 12 hours, I think it will be longer….. Stay tuned….




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2 Responses to Recipe – rollups with the Vitamix

  1. Would love to hear how you go with the dehydrator and how long it takes. My kids love the homemade roll ups and are asking for loads of different flavours, they have asked for grape, not sure if I can do that flavour, but will have fun trying 🙂

    • That one didn’t go so well! It wasn’t even so the ends nearly burnt and the inner bits were still soggy. Mind you it still tasted good! I did 1 punnet of strawberries 2 green apples and a sprinkling of splenda. Might try the oven next time as the dehydrator was loud and my husband complained. That or need to do it overnight. Thanks for your recipe.

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