For anyone that has a toddler, 3 year old… ok, any child (or adult child)… they’ve heard this before. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t. I just stumbled onto this post on Childhood 101. Fabulous… not only is it simple and easy…. it’s really not rocket science.

My kids are always asking to eat pasta before I cook it – does nothing for me, but clearly does for them. Maybe it’s the crunch?

Peas – I must admit, I’m a bit of a frozen pea eater myself! Grated cheese – sometimes make up a heap of this in my good processor and put it in a container – would certainly work in my house.


These are my 5 quick and easy toddler snack ideas that won’t fill them up so much that they won’t eat dinner but might just distract them long enough to let you get on with making it!

1. Frozen peas: Both of my girls love to sit and eat a little cup of frozen peas. When you eat them one by one it can take quite a while!

2. Dried spaghetti: I used to love sticks of dry spaghetti too when I was little.

3. Steamed veggies: Even if the rest of the meal is still a little while away, having the green beans, carrot sticks, broccoli or cauliflower already steamed means that the little ones can start on part of their meal while I finish off everything else.

4. Grated cheese: Like the peas, this one is fiddly for toddler fingers, perfect.

5. Frozen berries: Not for the fainthearted as they can be quite messy (and who wants messy when they are busy chopping, stirring and boiling!), I keep a box of frozen berries in the freezer and they are a big hit with both my girls. I usually stick AJ in the high chair as I don’t want raspberry or blackberry smeared around my house but my usually velcro baby is happy to sit there for her beloved berries!

Full post here – http://childhood101.com/2013/08/5-easy-toddler-snacks-that-wont-fill-them-up-before-dinner/


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