Thinking in Status Updates

Does anyone else do this? Think your thoughts as Fb status updates….?? I do. I hate to admit it but I do. I might be doing something as stupid as folding laundry, but I think “folding laundry, joy joy.” I know that’s just a normal thought, but I actually think it as if I’m typing it into facebook. Does that mean I’m addicted? Perhaps I am. I really don’t think it’s healthy, but I love knowing everything that’s going on.

I had a fight with my husband recently and he told me I was spending too much time on Facebook. So I deactivated my FB account. Lasted 24 hours. I needed some info for my girls school fair I was helping to organise, and it was on a message thread. So of course I got the info – but I’m not deactivating it again. I just can’t. I have to have my nose in everything!


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