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Ok, I’m new to this whole blogging your thoughts and stuff. I do have a photography blog, but that’s just putting up my photos I’ve taken. This is a new thing for me. Any tips or blogs that you love, I’d love to hear about them.

I’m actually really excited to be starting this, yes I’m behind the whole blog game, I’ve been reading them for a while, have some fav’s I always check out, but never thought anything I had to write about was interesting. They probably aren’t but who cares! Hopefully someone finds me interesting. My friends are forever bugging me to do it so hopefully they’ll be my fans.

I love to cook – so looking forward to doing a bit of foodie stuff.

I love photography – so looking forward to sharing some pics.

I love to travel – so I might just have to take some more holidays to show you pics!! I used to be a travel agent so travel is a huge passion of mine, but with a young family, our travel is slightly limited.

I love a bargain! I spend money on useless stuff all the time, but mostly when it’s on sale. Must come from my grandfather. He always bought things that had a red light discount. My father takes after him, and so do I. Can’t pass up a good bargain. And of course I’m a good sharer so will post my finds!

I love internet shopping – like above, will share my purchases and my wish list.


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Travel (with and without kids)... Kids.... Cooking....Photography....Fun.
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